About Us

BOLD CUSTOM SKI POLES started after the search for bright ski poles returned only a few limited results. We decided to not only bring bright neon colors to ski poles, but to allow the skier to personalize and choose the combination of colors to use on their poles. So now while you rip down the mountain, walk through the parking lot or just show off your poles during lunch, you can express your own style with your new BOLD Custom Ski Poles.

Born out of Aspen, Colorado. We travel around to help spread neon poles throughout the U.S. Look for us ripping down the slopes this winter wherever it's snowing the hardest, if you can catch up to us we'll give you a discount coupon on a new set of poles.

Send us some pics of you using your custom ski poles and automatically be entered for a chance to win another pair of BOLD Custom Ski Poles!

Get out and start ripping!