Owen Leeper "Poor Boyz" Segment in Chile

Jackson Hole Cliff drops and backcountry drone skiing

2014/2015 Season Edit

Check out the best shots from last season at Jackson Hole, Cooke City and Revelstoke, B.C. Skiing with Tim Swartz, Sam Schwartz and friends around Jackson. Kicker day in the Jackson Sidecountry where i stomped my first double flatspin. Also powder skiing in Cooke City, with the best snow of the season and blue skies. Finished the year off with Sam in Revelstoke. We checked out new zones, mainly scoping lines for next season.

GoPro Line of the Winter Entry

My entry for GoPro, air into "Once is Enough Couloir" off cody peak, then backflip to frontflip the windlips down below.

Feb-u-huckin Mid Season Edit

Mid Season edit last year

July Pondskim

Video shot with Jackson Hole

Cooke City Trip

2 and a half days in Cooke City, MT.

1st Winter Skiing in Jackson Hole Edit

The best year of my life!

Popin' Pillow at Fairy Meadows B.C.

The coolest heli-hut trip i've ever done. We pretty much jumped off everything.